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Part A
  Write an e-mail of about 100 words to a foreign teacher in your college, inviting him/her to be a judge for the upcoming English speech contest.
  You should include the details you think necessary.
  You should write neatly on the ANSWER SHEET.
  Do not sign your own name at the end of the e-mail. Use “Li Ming “instead.
  Do not write the address.(10 points)
  Part B
  Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing .In your essay, you should
  1) describe the drawing briefly.
  2) interpret its intended meaning ,and
  3) give your comments.
  You should write neatly on the ANSWER SHEET.(20points)

  Dear Mr. Wilson,
  I am writing on behalf of the Student’ Union to invite you to be a judge for the upcoming English speech contest. It will be held in ROOM304, the North Building next Friday.
  This contest aims at improving our abilities in practical English. We know that you are admired by all the students. We would be grateful if you could be the judge for this contest. The participants are mainly the seniors and the theme is concerning the importance of environmental protection.
  It’s our greatest pleasure that you can present yourself in this great event. We are looking forward to a favorable reply at your earliest convenience.
  Yours sincerely,
  Li Ming
  Emerging from the cartoon is an eye-catching scene that college graduates are at a turning point on the way to choose their future destination. When stepping out of the campus, a variety of choices, such as finding a job, going further education or abroad, and doing pioneering work, lie in front of these young people.
  The implication echoed by this drawing remind us the great importance of a philosophic topic in our daily life:a successful life is directly related to the choice made by oneself. Nevertheless, we cherish a belief that we cannot tell whether the selection is good or not, and as long as we adhere to our decision success will be realized step by step. Making choice is essential to help determine the direction of our way, and persistence functions as an indispensable driving force to keep up our spirit and to assist us to fulfill our study and work. Only those who are hard-working and brave enough to encounter obstacles of all sorts are most likely to reach the summit of success.
  Positive mental guidance should be popularized among the young people to help them make wise decision in their life. Besides, the youngster should be educated to realize the reality. Only in this way, can they make the right choice and shoulder the real success.